Standing inside of the side-aisle of a cathedral,
I see names being inscribed on a wall.
Names of saints, being wise, being martyrs, or being pious in our eyes,
And so we condemn people because of our lies.

Somewhere, as if it came out of nowhere, a butterfly appears,
Searching for the saint my consciousness subconsciously fears.
It's like the light that you adore and fear at the same time,
For at the same time it gave you vision and the knowledge of crime.

It shows me a name that I didn't knew before,
It has a warning on it, saying: “Don't open this door.”
Going towards its tomb, I see another warning being written down,
Saying: “Let the dead be dead, go along with the self-righteous, search for the church's crown.”

But I, I open the tomb,
As if I was the saint's bridegroom.
Suddenly words are appearing inside my mind,
They're forcing me to say these words, so I move my lips by saying: “Be one again with mankind!”

Out of the tomb a child appears,
It wants to cry, but it has no tears.
In its hands it carries a golden ball,
It wants to play with it, so it throws it against the wall.

I warn the child not to play with it anymore,
For it might get lost or break being thrown imprudently on the floor.
Don't sin again comes out of my mouth, be pious instead,
Then make me dead again, the child said.

I looked in the child's eye, and the child in mine,
It made us one, it made us shine.
So I let the child go, playing with its soul,
For I knew that no one is without sin if it tries to reach its goal.

At that moment I knew that the child was telling the truth,
That I was the sinner who had forgotten his youth,
That I was destroying life, bit by bit,
For the soul is eternal, and therefore you can't lose or destroy it.

So, I left the cathedral with the child, walking hand in hand,
Leaving behind me the adorers of dust and sand.
For all they want is power over humanity,
Even when they say: “Come, follow us, and you'll be free.”

“The god of the dessert isn't the god of dust and sand, but the god who walks along with you, hand in hand.”